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Rochester Indie Weddings Bridal Show

We work closely with other vendors on a regular basis. Every wedding we photograph requires a team of people, each doing their part to create something spectacular.

In a way, a Bridal Show is not really that different. There are event designers, caterers, bakeries, dress designers, florists, hair and makeup stylists and models. And then there's us as well - the photographers.

We had the unique opportunity to work with models and vendors alike at The Historic German House in Rochester for the most recent Rochester Indie Weddings Bridal Show. Everyone created something special to display.

It's rare for us to work with professional models instead of actual brides, so it was definitely a fun learning experience!

Here's a few of our favorites from the afternoon. To see a full lineup of the amazing vendors at the show - go check out the Rochester Indie Weddings blog post, which features all of our images from the event!

~ Erin

Travel Theme Wedding Details: Finger Lakes Wedding Photography

Last year we photographed some pretty awesome weddings. After going through some of our favorites, I noticed something pretty interesting. Many of our couples have a love for travel.

Coincidentally, so do we. Swapping travel stories is actually one of Lori's favorite things to do. So our conversations with our couples roll pretty easily about all of the different places we've been to or want to visit in the future.

Even better though has been all of the ways our brides and grooms incorporated their wanderlust into their wedding.

We've seen world maps and globes used as guest books. We've seen favorite Finger Lakes vacation spots used elegantly as table numbers. Vintage vacation photos adorned dining tables. We've even photographed a garter complete with a compass decoration.

I think the moral of the story is - if you want to go places with your wedding day there are so many ways you can do it!

Safe Travels!

~ Erin

Wedding Details: Dresses and Shoes

There's a wedding dress for every body. I wish I had known that when I got married ten years ago.

I get that so much more now that I'm out there all year long photographing other wedding dresses. And I love the variety of styles we see every year - from simple beauty to intricate detail. 

Shoes too - gone are the days of the classic white wedding heels. In it's place wedding shoes are a way to express your individuality. Whether colorful, flats, beaded, laced or even a silver converse sneaker. I love how our brides let their feet represent. 

Taking photographs of your dress at the beginning of the day is a natural scene setter in your wedding album. It sets the tone and begins the story of the day. Our goal as always, is to infuse your you and your setting into these detail images wherever possible.

Because a wedding dress on the hanger is lovely, but on you it becomes real. Your dress comes to life the minute you put it on, because you shine it it.

Enjoy some dress and shoe love, we hope it gives you some wedding inspiration.

~ Erin