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Ventosa Vineyards Wedding: Jesse and Kristen

From the start, working with Jesse and Kristen has been amazing. They’re the kind of couple that exudes genuine happiness together. It was refreshing to witness and capture their Finger Lakes wedding at Ventosa Vineyards.

Because of all of our work together in advance, everything had been perfectly planned. We felt relaxed and at ease all day which created a great atmosphere for their celebration. Their first look was just one of the highlights of the day for me. Jesse’s reaction to seeing Kristen for the first time was priceless.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking now, but congratulations Kristen and Jesse. Thank you for showing us your real selves and for allowing us to give these moments back to you in our photographs.

~ Erin

The Vendor Team
Hair & Makeup: Studio Salon
Wedding Gown: The Bridal Belle
Venue: Ventosa Vineyards
Floral: Don’s Own Flower Shop
Officiant: Rev Marjorie Smith
Videographer: Luxe Reel
Entertainment: DJ Dale

Matt and Ellie: Port of Rochester Wedding Photography

It was our last wedding of the season and I have to say, it was a pretty great way to finish up the year.

Ellie and Matt, I don't even know where to start except to say thank you for letting us capture this beautiful day for you with the people you love. Thank you for letting your feelings surpass your nerves and for trusting us to do them all justice.

The moments before, the smiles on your faces during the ceremony at the Interfaith Chapel at U of R. We loved all of the time together during your portraits and your super fun reception at the Port of Rochester. I believe the day was everything you imagined it would be.

Oh, and did I mention the cocktail hour puppies?! Incorporating your love for dog adoption was so perfect. We wanted to take home every single one, and I hope someone did.

Congratulations to you both on a beautiful day and here's to a life of love and laughter together always.

~ Erin

Vendor Love:
Ceremony Venue: Interfaith Chapel, University of Rochester
Officiant: Scott Okolowicz
Transportation: S and S Limo
Reception Venue: Port of Rochester Marina
DJ: Paul Mano
Caterer: Chef's Catering
Bakery: Sinful Sweets, Rochester NY

Kala + Cris: U of R and RMSC Wedding Photography

The word that most easily describes Cris and Kala's wedding day is: FUN. I mean, everything about the day was not only beautiful, but crazy fun.

This wedding day was perfectly planned and executed to maximize fun while still being elegant and meaningful.

I walked into Kala's suite to hear her Dad playing guitar for them while they got dressed. It felt inviting and even relaxed. While in a similar suite downstairs Lori captured Cris, happiness and last minute competition prep (more on that later).

The ceremony at the Downtown United Presbyterian Church (in downtown Rochester) was full of love. Having been together for 11 years, this had been wished for and anticipated for years. Their day had finally arrived, and it was perfect.

It was so perfect they even had time to stop for pizza. Yes pizza! Not many brides make the time to eat on their wedding day. These two not only made sure they did, the took a portrait stop out of the timeline to make sure the could. Pizza Stop on State Street was ready to deliver a hot pie to the whole bridal party. I mean come on, how could this day get any better?

Their portrait location at the U of R fit them perfectly. As U of R grads themselves, it was home to them for years. I believe that as as they move forward towards bigger things in the DC area this city will always have a special place in their hearts.

The reception was held at the Rochester Museum and Science Center. Perfect for their fun and playful sides, while showing off their city to guests that had come from around the world to watch them marry. The night was like any other until...

The Bridal Party Lip-Sync Competition! And WOW - they'd choreographed routines, and rocked the party with some crazy dance moves! SO MUCH FUN!

We've never witnessed so much real love and fun blend together so perfectly on a wedding day. This must be why Kala and Cris are a perfect fit for each other.

Ladies, thank you so much for sharing your lives, stories and this perfect day with us. It was a true honor to capture and celebrate with you. We wish you a lifetime of celebrations, each and every day.

~ Erin


The Vendors that Made the Day

Wedding Planner: Savannah Pearman
Ceremony Venue: Downtown United Presbyterian Church
Officiant: Ryan Numeister
Catering: Peerless Events
Bakery: Sinful Sweets
Florist: In Bloom
Transportation: LeGault Limousine
Reception Venue: Rochester Museum & Science Center
Reception Band: Uptown Groove
Photography: Lori Coleman and Erin Perrotta

Welcome Mini Albums! Rochester NY Wedding Photography

Oh my goodness, I'm in love with this new album. We're calling it our "Mini" Album. Even though it might be a smaller size, (at just 10x7) it's uniqueness and beautiful design makes it grand.

It's new to our Art Catalog for 2017 and just makes the perfect wedding keepsake for the parents who supported your big day. It's a step up from our everyday storybooks, while not being an overwhelming. It's just the right size to include all of their favorite images from the day.

My favorite thing about this album? It's more unique than those boring old traditional parent albums. Check it out, you'll see what I mean.


Rebecca & Orion: Rochester NY Engagement Session

Orion and Rebecca moved here from Alabama together for school, they love being outside (even in the snow) and trying new cuisine together. I heard their Southern accent and just knew they'd be the sweetest couple. I wasn't wrong. They're meant to be husband and wife. 

Their engagement session brought us to downtown Rochester NY, first to The Old Toad. I have a fondness for that pub, as it's where my own first date with my husband was. Ah, memories. I digress... 

The way Rebecca's eyes sparkled when she smiled at Orion - so crazy beautiful. We also hit up Cobbs Hill Park for a little fun in the snow. Whether cozied up in a pub or dancing in the snow, they fit perfectly together.

See what I mean?

~ Erin

How to plan a non-traditional Honeymoon

While I love hearing about your wedding plans, I have to admit... I may actually like hearing about your honeymoon plans more! While there is nothing wrong with a resort honeymoon, I have some tips if you are looking to do something a little outside the box.




Step 1: Decide what type of trip you want. Do you want an all-inclusive resort where you don't have to think for a week? If this is the case, find a travel agent and boom your done. Or do you want to travel lightly and slowly meeting lots of people along the way?  If so, read on.

Step 2: Choose a destination! Stuck? Pick your destination based on the time of year, or pick your time to travel based on the destination. Consider the weather, (local) holidays, and whether or not it will be "tourist season". 

This website is very helpful:



Step 3: Consider staying at AirBNBs for an easy way to meet locals. We traveled all through New Zealand using AirBNB and loved it! Our hosts were friendly as well as knowledgable about things to do in the area and local history. Imagine learning about the Christchurch earthquake from someone who lived through it! (Check.)

Step 4: Enjoy the ride! Allow yourself to feel like a little kid and soak it all in. Every second is precious. (This is true every day, but just feels heightened on vacation.)

Step 5: Record the best parts. Whether you are a writer, or GoPro fanatic, your honeymoon is special. Find a way to remember what you are feeling. Take photos that document your experience, or journal about the sweet things that make you love your spouse.  Then you can relive it all when you are back home on a rainy day.

For extra points: Turn off notifications on your phone. You may be tempted to update your social media platforms, but other than letting your mom know you are alive, it's not necessary. Go have an experience, make out with your spouse in a train station, stare at the clouds/trees/animals in another state or country. By not telling everyone your play by play in the moment, you'll have stories to share when you get home!

For extra EXTRA points: Consider a volunteer trip. There are many companies that offer itineraries abroad which include some volunteering as well as vacationing. If you are interested, check out: Earthwatch, V2 Volunteers, or Discover Corps.

So since I daydream of moonlighting as a travel planner, here is where I have been. If you are traveling to any of these places, ask me questions! I am an open book.

New Zealand

New Zealand

-New Zealand: my favorite place on Earth. Tropical beaches, glaciers, fjords, adventure sports, and more, and that's just the South Island. 

-Croatia: I spent 3 months here for my study abroad. I am very familiar with Dubrovnik and the surrounding area. Go in May, before the crowds arrive. 

-Ireland: The place to go for an epic road trip. Ask Erin :) 

-USA: We have a lot to explore right here inside our borders. I'm happy to discuss a cross-country road trip, Alaska, or even Hawaii when I get back.

So, where are you going or where have you been? Are you an expert on any destinations? Let me know in the comments-- I may call on you for advice about our next trip!

Safe travels!



Michelle and Chris: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

The decision to get married was easy, as they've been together now for 13 years. By now, they consider each other their best friend.

What more do you need for a wedding day? So they invited their closest friends and family, and made it official at the beautiful Edward Harris House Inn, in downtown Rochester.

Even after having been together for so long, there were still tears of joy from their family as they said their vows in the gardens of the Inn. Toasts were heartfelt and lighthearted, and cake was shared. 

The warm sunset light was the perfect way to end our evening together. So we ventured down the road for a few more photographs at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Chris and Michelle - here's to many more years together, congratulations!
~ Erin

Bill and Stacy: Rockford Plantation Wedding Photographers

At their rehearsal dinner, Bill's Mom said it best - "If Heaven is where all of our favorite people are together in one place, then this must be a little slice of Heaven right here on Earth."

And when we asked them both what they were looking forward to most - they repeated that same sentiment. We seriously could not ask for better human beings as clients. Bill and Stacy welcomed not only us, but family and friends from literally all over the country to Lancaster, PA with open arms.

I truly believe they enjoyed the heck out of their wedding weekend. From lawn games to ultimate frisbee matches, a beautiful ceremony and farm to table feeling at their wedding reception to the very last second, of the last dance at the end of the night.

Bill and Stacy - You are adventurous, giving, kind and loving, there's not a more perfect match than you two together. It was our honor to be there, not only as your photographers, but as your friends as well.

Thank you for sharing your little slice of Heaven with us.

~ Erin

A huge "Thank You" to the vendors who helped make this day come together!
Wedding Planners: PostScripted Studios
Hair & Makeup: Alisa Padon, friend
Flowers: Kortney Cooper Dowell
Officiant: Brian Lo, friend
Ceremony Musician: Jack Kaulfus, cousin
Caterer: Rettews Catering
DJ: Scratch Weddings
Bakery: Baker's Jar Philly
Rentals: Rental World Lancaster


Courtney and Scott: Rochester NY Engagement Session at Amore

I'll admit it, I wasn't sure what to expect when Courtney mentioned they'd like to do their engagement session at Amore. I mean, it's in a Wegmans after all. I knew that technically it's set apart from the grocery store, but there was something odd about pulling into the grocery store parking lot to photograph something so romantic.

But Scott and Courtney spend a lot of time at the bar at Amore, so it really fit them perfectly. And the bar setting gave us sooooo many intimate and beautiful options! You seriously can't even tell there's a bustle of activity happening just steps away.

After a glass of wine, we ended our evening at Cobbs Hill with a little greener setting. It was so fun to watch them go from romantic to a more playful side as our time together concluded.

We're so thrilled to be able to witness and capture their upcoming wedding day. We've known Courtney for awhile, and have already been to one of their family's weddings - so I know this wedding will be just as amazing!

FAQ: 4 Reasons Why You Need Two Photographers at Your Wedding

We frequently get asked by couples if both Lori and I will be photographing your wedding. The short answer to that is "yes, always." But some of you might be wondering "why? I mean, isn't one of you enough? I don't want my wedding to turn into a production with two photographers there."

Sure, we hear you there. But we wanted to give you a few reasons why you DO want two wedding photographers capturing your wedding day.

1:  Viewpoints
First the obvious. With two photographers you get two viewpoints of one story. Lori thrives off of her photojournalistic background, as do I, and I love to focus on making sure that romantic side of the story is told also. We may photograph things you don't realize are even happening, because you're busy somewhere else. We can cover more ground, and see more with two sets of eyes than you get with one. 

2: Relaxation
Truth time people. Weddings can be chaotic, from the moment you sit down in the makeup chair to the ceremony to family portraits to reception. It's a necessary evil to be organized so that everything runs smoothly. And with both Lori and I there, that's what happens. We can capture all of the important details, and family portraits, and bridal party fun faster when one of us is organizing what's coming up next. And in the end, all of this organization gives you, the Bride and Groom a chance to breathe, relax, and really enjoy the day together.

3: More Ninja Moves
The best compliments we receive after a wedding are along the lines of "I didn't even know you were there!" That's because, with two of us we actually AVOID being noticed. We don't need (or want) to be in anyone's face or way to get a shot, and we don't need to run around a church like maniacs trying to get different angles of the wedding ceremony. Because we're like two trained ninjas, placing ourselves at different locations in advance and then quietly moving short distances. We never need to jog from one end of a church to the other to get a shot.

4: More fun and creativity
We're two extra friends and creative minds, tagging along on your wedding day to laugh with and often at. It's our job to keep you relaxed and comfortable, for those gorgeous real expressions. Throughout the day, Lori and I create a friendly competition between each other to see who can find the most creative shot of the day. Which in the end, gives you even more amazing images. 

So, what could be bad about all of that? Not much, right? You get two creative and professional wedding photographers (ps - not a main and an assistant), who you know and have met. Two photographers who stay out of the way when needed, and who make you laugh and keep the day moving at the right times.

In my opinion, it's really a no brainer.

~ Erin