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Palmyra Wedding Photography: Monica and James

Monica called me in September for their wedding in October. I’m so thankful we had their date available because while I barely knew them, I could tell they were so sweet and so in love.

They were ready for their married lives to begin and I was happy to document it for them. From the moment of their first look to their first dance hours later, they were nothing but eyes full of real love and adoration for each other. It was so inspiring to be part of this day with this amazing family.

Congratulations Monica and James, we wish you a blessed and beautiful future together!

~ Erin

Being Real: Rochester NY Photographers

Last week, we spent four days at the Inspire Photo Retreat in Connecticut, taking classes to further our education in photography and business. 

I could tell you about all of the things we learned to bring our clients better images. But I'm not going to. Let's be honest, that's not what is most important to either of us.

What we found this week cannot be measured in better images.

So what did we find? Friendships. Mentors. Encouragement. Ourselves.

We talked it out for hours. We laughed, we danced, and we connected to each other and made new friends. We even ugly cried – daily.

The most important thing we found was a renewed sense of purpose. We needed others to hold the mirror up to us, get us to dig deep and be vulnerable. Because how can we ask this of you, if we cannot do it ourselves?

We were reminded of our "why", and why it's so important to share our real selves with you. Even with the massive list of "to-do's" we brought home, I'm so grateful for this experience. Even the ugly tears. 

 Helping you cherish those relationships that matter most to you, will always remain goal number one. We have a lot of work to do, but we're refreshed and ready to make it happen.

~ Erin

Tips for Protecting your Digital Photos

Let’s get real for a second. You should know by now that we encourage printing as the best way to enjoy your photos long term. However, we realize that with the volume of photos created these days, it would be physically impossible to print every photo without needing to rent a storage unit.

This means that most photos live only in one place - your hard drive. That is, if you remembered to take them off of your phone or camera at all.

How do you keep them safe? and what are we keeping them safe from? 

Whether it's the first dance, or first steps, we all have photos we want to keep forever!

Whether it's the first dance, or first steps, we all have photos we want to keep forever!

Common ways people lose digital files, and a few possible solutions: 

1. Hard drive failure or file corruption

All drives fail eventually, so having things stored in just one place is risky. Luckily, the solution is pretty simple... have multiple copies. 

Solution: Ask your favorite tech guru to set up a RAID backup for you, use Time Machine on a portable drive if you're an Apple user, or keep photos on your phone and computer.

2. Theft, loss, fire, flood damage or other physical disappearance

This can only be prevented by having an offsite copy of your files. Offsite can be cloud based, at the office, or in your mom’s basement... basically anywhere that is physically separate from where your main drive lives.

Syncing to an offsite NAS is how we do this, but cloud storage would work for the average family photo collection. Check out BackBlaze, Dropbox or Resilio Sync for these services.

3. Overwriting a file or accidental deletion

The best way to avoid this happening is to have a good organization system. Do it any way that makes you happy, as long as you are consistent. And then, when you know your strategy, make sure someone else could figure it out. IE: If you aren’t available to ask, can your spouse or child find a photo they are looking for? 

TIP: Utilizing an 8 digit date structure makes sure every file name is unique. Ex: 20180101 for January 1st, 2018. Then you can choose to add a description or sequence number to further delineate your files. 

Bonus Tip: Use Folders to organize by like category. Whether that is event, person, location, theme, or whatever you choose. Folders are your friends.

My personal photos are organized by date, then subject. Using the 8 digit date structure keeps everything in chronological order

My personal photos are organized by date, then subject. Using the 8 digit date structure keeps everything in chronological order


There are many ways to lose files, but there are also many ways to keep them safe. If photos are valuable to you, protect them! Print your favorites, put them on the wall or in a book that you can pass down. In the future, no one is going to want your CD's or thumb drives, so print the important photos. And the ones you just want to have on your screen saver? Stick them in the cloud just in case something bad should happen.

If you have more tips, feel free to add them in the comments! If this helped you, we'd love to know. Thanks for being here!

Genesee Valley Club: Rochester Wedding Album

When you first get your wedding photos, it's exciting. To get to scroll through them on your computer, one at a time recalling each detail and moment one by one. Then you look at the gallery of hundreds of photos and don't know what to do with them. You've shared them, gushed over them and put a little heart to signify you love them under the gallery - right?

But then what? You close the computer, you move on, you forget about them eventually. Your life goes on, you maybe have kids, and life gets crazy busy. And your wedding pictures still sit on your computer.

Your kids grow up, you do with them, and then all of a sudden, it's been 10 years or 20 years. And let me ask you - do you know where those wedding pictures went? Do you have anything at all to give your children of that day that started your family?

You would if you had an album. From the moment you open the pages of your album, it's tangible and real again. There's emotions attached to an album, that you just won't get with an online gallery of pictures. And you will (we hope) always, have that book to show the story.

Ok, end rant. I want to show your our last album to be delivered from 2016. It's one of our favorites from Courtney and Scott's beautiful Genesee Valley Club wedding in Downtown Rochester. Every piece of the day was elegant and beautiful - right down to their champagne album and beautiful design.

It's the perfect way to preserve their beautiful day and all of their loved ones who were there to celebrate with them.

Moral of the story - print your pictures, get an heirloom. It's worth it.

~ Erin

Favorite Wedding Moments: A Dance Floor "Trash the Dress" Session

Does anyone (except us photographers) remember the "Trash the Dress" sessions that were popular not too long ago? It's a trend where a Bride get's all dressed up again, post-wedding and goes on a mission to play in the mud, or a swimming pool or have an adventure in that one dress they know they'll never wear again.

Got the picture? Ok, now - imagine that actually happening while the wedding is still going. Yep, that's one we'd never seen before, and it's a moment that stands out as a favorite in my mind.

There wasn't much about Bill and Stacy's, Lancaster PA wedding that we didn't love. It was what we dream every wedding could be like - relaxed and fun, full of family, love everywhere and beautiful to top it off.

But among all of the moments that proved to me just how carefree Stacy is, was when she decided her dress was too long on the dance floor. Out of nowhere came a pair of scissors, and her dress was cut on the spot.

I mean, wow, talk about living in the moment, right? This was a moment that instantly became a favorite of ours, and one I'm sure we won't forget any time soon.


Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa & Vince: Rochester NY Wedding Album, Ventosa Vineyards

Alyssa and Vince's wedding album: they embraced everything about their wedding day, even the wet rainy ceremony at Ventosa Vineyards in Geneva, NY.

Celebrating our 4th Anniversary: Fairport NY Photographers

Every time I tell someone how long we have been in business together, I feel like it needs an asterisk. We are excited to be entering our 5th year as a partnership! While we have been working together for closer to 8 years, it's "officially" our 4th anniversary.

So, let me just say - thank you.

Thank you to the clients who have trusted us with their memories and relationships.

Thank you to Erin for putting up with me, my crazy ideas, my grammar errors, and my incessant need to travel.

Thank you to our husbands for supporting us in creating our own paths and still keeping us fed.

Thank you to our children, whether Lucas P or the dogs that snuggle us on good days and bad.

Thank you to the friends, family and clients that have referred us new work.

Thank you to the clients that come back year after year, your loyalty is our anchor.

Thank you to GRPP, and our many photographer friends that are like coworkers in this small business world of ours.

Thank you for reading this, and being part of our tribe. We appreciate every like, comment, and hug.

Here's to an amazing fifth year.


A big THANK YOU goes out to  Heather McKay of McKay's Photography  for putting up with our crazy, and helping us update our portraits!

A big THANK YOU goes out to Heather McKay of McKay's Photography for putting up with our crazy, and helping us update our portraits!

The Upside of 2016

The Upside of 2016

In the midst of all the challenges, it's easy to forget about all of the beautiful big and little moments that make up an entire year. Vows get exchanged, high school seniors graduate, vacations with family are taken, stories get read to little ones, kisses given to mommies, hugs from grandparents. As long as we remember to capture those moments the good will always over come the bad.

Michelle and Chris: Rochester NY Wedding Photography

The decision to get married was easy, as they've been together now for 13 years. By now, they consider each other their best friend.

What more do you need for a wedding day? So they invited their closest friends and family, and made it official at the beautiful Edward Harris House Inn, in downtown Rochester.

Even after having been together for so long, there were still tears of joy from their family as they said their vows in the gardens of the Inn. Toasts were heartfelt and lighthearted, and cake was shared. 

The warm sunset light was the perfect way to end our evening together. So we ventured down the road for a few more photographs at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Chris and Michelle - here's to many more years together, congratulations!
~ Erin

Green Lakes, Syracuse Engagement Session

It was a chilly June night, but you'd never know it with these two. We had such fun at Green Lakes State Park for this engagement session. The lake is such a bright color it almost looks tropical!

We loved getting the opportunity to meet their lovable dog, take a row boat ride, and have a little picnic together. The chill in the air made it the perfect opportunity for cuddling close together.

And we are so excited to see them again at their beautiful vineyard wedding next month.

Until next time!

~ Erin

Andrea and Lorraine: Rochester NY Wedding Photographers

When we ask our couples what they're looking forward to most on their wedding day, a lot of people often say they can't wait for the party after the ceremony.

Not these two. While they do enjoy a good party, this day was all about the ceremony.

It started with the bells, then a brass section played My Fair Lady's "I'm Getting Married in the Morning" - surprising the bridal party, and creating a feeling of celebration throughout the church.

The songs and readings were selected perfectly. The spontaneous dancing from the cutest ring bearer ever (Lorraine and Andrea's three year old, Judson) was perfectly timed. He also happened to get the best view in the house as the rings were exchanged and vows were spoken. 

The whole ceremony was filled with emotions - ranging everywhere from light hearted to sentimental. It really couldn't have been more perfect.

We couldn't have picked a better way to begin our summer wedding season.

Thank you, Andrea and Lorraine for inviting us to be a witness to your amazing day. Cheers to you!

~ Erin

FAQ: Wedding Photography, What's Our Style?

What's our Style? It's very a common question. It's a question that every wedding website and bridal magazine in town tells couples to ask.  A common answer from a photographer might simply be: "photojournalistic."

That's a great answer. However, we feel that there's a bit more to a photography style, and a wedding day than strictly photojournalism. Which is where we come in, because we believe that our style is composed of two distinct roles as a photographer. One where both of us are fully able to fill both roles.

Our wedding photography is a beautiful blend of the romance you want to see in each other, and the documentary style of photography that tells the story as it's happening candidly. All the while, our focus is on the relationships that matter to you.

As you look through our wedding portfolio page, you'll see what we mean.

You'll also notice that our images are clean and timeless. Do we offer black and white? Yes, because it's a classic look. That said, we purposely choose NOT to use faded filters and effects on our images. Why? Because we don't follow fads. Because when you look back at your wedding album in 25 years, you don't want to say "Oh look, the Instagram Era." Your album will always look timeless.

Because a wedding is more than just one style of photography. Between the two of us, we each have an eye and a love for both!

Two viewpoints, to tell one timeless story - yours.