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365 project in March : Rochester NY Photographer


I love compiling my images from each month for these posts. I get to see just how many things happened each month and how many great people are a part of my life. I also get to see just how much Lucas changes in just a few weeks. That alone makes me so glad I decided to take on a 365 project this year. I can't imagine not having these images to remember all of his milestones. Family, friends and fun was what March was all about. With Spring creeping in at a snail's pace, we were lucky to get outside a few times. We are also starting to see more sessions pop up on the calendar with our favorite clients. We even got away for a conference in Buffalo, where we got to learn new things to incorporate into the business and our shooting style.

So far so good, I'm still going strong. With our busiest months of the year yet to come, I'm looking forward to more friends and more fun images to share as a part of this project. 3 months down, 9 to go! ~ Erin


Photography Intern Position Available: Fall & Winter 2014

photography internship rochester ny

photography internship available Our business is growing, and we want to share our experience with the next generation of photographers!

We are looking for a motivated individual aiming to gain experience in the business of portrait and wedding photography. You’ll learn tips and tricks while working with real customers, as well as many of the back end tasks that  most people don’t think about. The position will begin sometime in mid to late August and run through October, with an option to extend through the end of December. We expect a weekly commitment of 5-10 hours.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to run a photography business. We’ll review your portfolio (if you have one) and address any specific areas you may want help with. You can pick our brains about what we have learned in our 5 years of running a full time business!

Tasks Could Include: Assisting on Portrait Sessions/Weddings Placing Print Orders Packaging Print Orders Social Media updates Compiling Blog posts + other odds and ends as they come up

To Apply: Send an email to with the subject line: Intern Application. In the Body, please include all of your contact information and answer the following questions:

Tell us about yourself - what are your passions? (Other than photography) Will you get school credit for this internship? Are there any requirements to receive this credit? What is your availability? Days/Times What is the number one takeaway you would like to get from this position? What is your favorite photo or blog post on our website? Why? How familiar are you with Lightroom and Photoshop? Do you have your own laptop?

Deadline to Apply is midnight on August 8th. Thank you for your interest!

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beyond the wedding day: traditions of a wedding photographer

Every wedding is unique, we believe that whole-heartedly. Each couple, has something special about them, that makes their wedding unlike every other wedding we've photographed before. But, even with all of their differences, many weddings have the same timeline and similar traditions. Whether it be a unity candle, or a sand ceremony.  A cake cutting, or an apple crisp.  So, in keeping with this idea, I decided to share a few wedding "traditions" of my own.

My wedding day rituals: The Day Before: I run through a checklist of things I need to bring. I have to make sure to pack extra socks and shoes, flip flops (obviously, for the ride home), deodorent, body spray, chapstick, granola bars and water for refueling between locations. Oh, and all of our cameras, lights and lenses too.

lori and erin photography, rochester ny wedding photography

The Day of  the Wedding: I don't get out of my pajamas until absolutely necessary. I'd say this is just because I don't want to dirty my work clothes, but that'd be a lie. I just prefer to do as little as possible in the hours leading up to a wedding. It's relaxing to sit back and read, or watch a movie before the wedding day rush begins.

rochester ny photographers

During a wedding day: I always, every time, end up on the ground trying to get a fun angle. I've even had couples mention it who have been to other weddings we've photographed. According to them, it's not a true "Lori & Erin" experience until I end up on the ground. At the reception, first dances will always make me sing along. I may have heard the song at the last 10 weddings, but I'll still sing it. And also, when the dance floor heats up, Lori and I often want to dance too. Now, I didn't say dance well – so if you want a good laugh, watch for us next time.

rochester ny wedding photographers

rochester ny wedding photographers

Finally, one of my favorite wedding weekend traditions happens the day after every wedding. Again, pajamas are mandatory, and so is breakfast out. After crawling out of bed, my husband and I head to the diner, usually Jim's Restaurant, where I order the same breakfast, every time. Two eggs scrambled, 2 pancakes, and 2 strips of bacon with coffee...lots and lots of coffee.

Rochester NY photography

What traditions are important to you? Let's hear them!


Here's to 5, or 45 more: a very happy anniversary

Last week I mentioned it was our 5th wedding anniversary, a big milestone! If you know my relationship with my husband, you'd know that he's the chef that counteracts my cereal addiction, and the calm to my impatient side.  You'd know that he's smart and analytical. He runs numbers, while I run the creative department of our household - most of the time that is. And despite my obvious love for all things love, he's the more romantic of the two of us.

When it comes to being cute and romantic, he steps up big. I don't think he likes it when I talk about him. But if I don't brag about him, how will other husbands and boyfriends have a standard to live up to?  :)

On the morning of our anniversary, my day started like any other. I stumbled out of bed, and headed to the couch where I continued to wake up while Matt readied for work. And as I watched Matt Lauer & Savannah Guthrie discuss the morning news, suddenly the computer sang out the intro to David Letterman's "Top 10 Countdown" followed by:

Matt: "The Top 5 Gifts Erin Will Receive on our Anniversary!!" Me: "Wait what? 5?! Oh man, I think I need to go shopping."

The morning then started with the gift of travel - to a cute B&B in Canada on our upcoming trip to the 1000 Islands.  Number four arrived around noon, the "expected gift." A beautiful bouquet of purple flowers was delivered. Which, while beautiful and I loved them - the effect of having flowers delivered to your office is dulled when your co-workers include only a dog who is more interested in the delivery guy. Number three, was "traditional." It was a beautiful handmade wooden jewelry box. Number two was my favorite perfume. I had run out a few years ago, and he remembered! And finally, Number one was all Vera Bradley for my "soon to be new" office... love. I swear, my coffee tastes so much better from my Vera coffee cup.

Gifts aside, the thought that went into the whole day mattered more! Simply put, I am a lucky girl.

We move into a new home in two days, and it's a little bittersweet.  We have so many memories wrapped up in this house - the day we brought our puppy home, getting engaged, getting married, parties with friends and family, our daily routines and little moments. We've been talking about how all of that will be a little bit different in our new house. And just as soon as we dig out out from underneath all of the moving boxes, I can't wait to find out how.

See you on the flip side friends! ~ Erin

little morning rituals: allie & erin

I roll over to pull the covers up over my head, and there she is. Her nose is nearly touching mine. Her eyes say "Good morning, mind if I squeeze in here?"  If I don't notice her because I'm slow to wake, she sends me another message. It's either in the form of a soft pawing at the covers, or a kiss directly to my face. She waits, almost patiently, until I pick the blanket up and she pushes her way under the covers. And then with a big sigh, she curls up next to me, and cuddles the last 20 minutes of my morning with me.

When I finally pull myself up out of bed, she rolls onto her back and into my vacant spot, and I give her a good belly rub. It's as if she's saying "I've given it some thought, and I decided to make easier for you to scratch my belly, oh, and ps - thanks for keeping my spot warm."

It's become a ritual I've come to love. Granted, it's a barely conscious ritual on my part at 7:30 am, but she doesn't care. I often wonder if she knows how lucky and spoiled she is.

But then again…I'm pretty sure I'm the lucky one.

Rochester New York Photography

welcome mouse! the family is growing...

family pictures with dogs There is something that you need to know. Erin and I ... we're dog people. We love our fur babies and treat them as children (except when we put them in their crates when we leave the house). We translate for them and put words in their mouths. We consider Molley and Allie frenemies. They love each other, Molley just likes to chew on Allie's head a little, that's all.

Well, the family is growing! John and I just adopted our second puppy from Lollypop Farm. She is a sheltie mix named Mouse. It took a little over a week for Molley to realize she wasn't leaving, but they really are the perfect pair. Molley loves to play chase and keep away, and Mouse is more than happy to oblige. That's not to say Molley doesn't get a little jealous still, but we're working on that!

All three of the girls are very sweet. Even so, we do put them in their crates for meetings. This is why we ask for appointments – so we can make sure they get their treat and are put away. Molley is the loud mouth, so you may still hear her say hello when you come in. :)

Yesterday, we tried a little photo session with our three girls. There were lots of treats involved, of course, and it was still challenging to keep them close together for the photo. The couch ended up being a great way to get them close without all doing the same thing. I kind of like how they are all doing something a little different in this photo (below right)! We'll have to try it again when they are a little more comfortable with each other, as this was also the first time Mouse and Allie got to meet. Anyways...

If you're a dog person too, which many of our clients seem to be, we'll happily let you meet them at the end of your appointment. Once the food is put away of course!

the three office dogs

sheltie mix wearing a coat in the snow

three photos of my dog mouse

Do you have a furry family member? We'd love to meet em! We love family portraits no matter what breed your children are :)

live from the kitchen: JK Cooking!

I recently celebrated the tenth anniversary of my 21st birthday… yes, I said that correctly, don't judge. During the day we climbed into the car, and traveled Seneca Lake, tasting some local wines and delicious cheeses. That alone would have been enough for me, but there was more. Oh, so much more deliciousness to come that evening, all set up by my awesome husband.

As wedding photographers, we like to get to know our couples and their passions. It also means a lot to us to keep in touch with you after the wedding. We like knowing what's new and happening in your lives!

This brings me to introducing Jared Kierecki, one of our amazing grooms of 2012. Jared has a love of all things culinary, and it shows in the dishes he creates. He loves it so much, he started his own business: J.K. Cooking.

On Saturday evening, Jared was our very own personal chef. He arrived with pots, pans, and all of the ingredients to make an incredible four course meal for us.

Jared's goal is to come to you, with all of the necessary supplies, create a delicious meal for you and leave you with no mess to clean. Along the way, you may even learn a tip or two about how to make these dishes yourself. I hope my husband was learning while I was enjoying!

After an amazing evening filled with Lamb "pops," salad, beef braciole (stuffed with cheese, spinach and prosciutto), and a delicious creme brulee (layered with raspberry preserves on the bottom), we were stuffed!  Oh, and did I mention the wine pairings? YUM.

We just couldn't put our forks down, it was all so delicious. I know, you're jealous... but the thing is? You could have this too - just call Jared to set up your own culinary adventure! Check out these images for some insight about our amazing meal, just try to keep your drool off the keyboard ok?

Thanks Jared - best wishes on your new endeavor, you'll be a hit!

To contact Jared Kierecki about cooking you an amazing meal: J.K. Cooking 585.478.6752

If you're one of our past couples, and are working on something awesome, get in touch! We'd love to catch up and maybe share your story!