The 365 Project in June: Rochester NY Photographer

Ok guys, I'm not going to lie, this project is starting to get harder. Seems a little backwards with all of the sessions, weddings, and fun summertime things going on right?

It's not getting harder to find a photo of the day, but it is getting harder to remember to take them, and share them. With the busy season in front of us, time is a bit more limited! However, it's still happening, and I'm very glad for that.

I love seeing how far Lucas has come in 6 months time. This motivates me to keep shooting. He's learning sooooo many new things (at his own pace of course). I love watching the light bulb go off in his head when he understands something new. Years down the road, I won't remember when he started eating with his own two hands, or the first time he really made an effort to roll over. So that's my main motivation. I'm capturing my family's history, one day at a time. Plus, he's just plain cute. So if you're sick of seeing his little face, I'm not sorry. 

I've also been enjoying photographing my backyard, specifically, the flowers that are popping up everywhere. I didn't plant them, but I'm glad someone did, so that I can enjoy them!

Here's this months' photo recap, enjoy! Only 6 more months to go! ~ Erin

Erin Perrotta

Erin’s creative background roots began with her family and her education in Digital Media/Fine Arts degree at Canisius College. While she enjoys a good adventure, Erin is most comfortable at home with family (husband, Matt and son, Lucas) or friends, a good book, and a cup of coffee.