The Anniversary Dance: Rochester NY wedding photographers

One of my favorite images from our 2013 weddings is this one:

anniversary dance, rochester ny wedding photographyWhat's that you say? This isn't the Bride and Groom? Good catch, it's not. Beyond that, it's not the lighting, or the technique with which the image was shot that I love either. No, to be honest, all of that is really very basic.

So what makes this a favorite?  Isn't it obvious? It's the story, and the moment.

There's a tradition at weddings that involves generations of married couples. You probably know it as The Anniversary Dance.  Yes ladies, it's the one song that your husband is contractually required to dance with you at every wedding you attend.

But let's look at this a little further...what's it all about? It's not about dragging your man onto the dance floor. It's way more than that. It's about this couple, and celebrating a love that spans generations. For the couple above, 67 years!  These days, that really means something.

Let's put this in perspective - when they got married in 1946: The United Nations held it's first meetings. Harry Truman was the US President. The first bikinis went on sale in Paris, France. Tupperware first hit retail stores. Gas was 21 cents, bread cost 10 cents, milk, 70 cents and a stamp just 3 cents.

I couldn't help but watch them in awe. And as the wedding guests applauded and celebrated them, I captured this moment of happiness on the dance floor.

62 years from now, if the Anniversary dance is still a wedding tradition, I plan to win. I'm competitive like that...just sayin'.  ~Erin Older couple, anniversary dance, rochester ny wedding