the great babymoon adventure of 2014 : sanibel, florida


Halfway there. We're halfway to meeting our sweet little baby. About two months ago, I realized we hadn't planned our babymoon. If you're unsure what that term means, I relate it to a "last chance" vacation. As much fun as being a family of 3 plus dog will be, taking one last trip alone with my husband was important to me. So while it was still snowing, blowing and generally depressing outside - we made a plan to visit Sanibel Island in Florida.

And it couldn't have been more perfectly timed - still chilly here, but not overwhelmingly hot in Florida. Also, it so happens to be just before our busy summer wedding season begins.

One of my absolute favorite moments happened on our second day there. Wandering out into the Gulf waters, we noticed some fins surfacing...and coming closer to shore. There were 5 or 6 dolphins just off shore feeding, not paying attention to our presence. As we stood still, they came closer, until they were about 10 feet away from us! What a rare moment to get to experience!

We biked the island, read books in the sand, went shelling and ate like it was our job. The island also has a great wildlife refuge, filled with rare birds, alligators and other incredible plants and animals.

Also, while we were there, we took the opportunity to make our second announcement of my pregnancy, ready? It's a...




2014-05-08_0002If you're in the market for a warm, tropical babymoon - check out Sanibel for a relaxing trip. And don't forget to take pictures! ~Erin