the pros of wedding uplighting : rochester ny wedding photography

We’ve fallen in love with a lighting style at weddings. It’s sleek and elegant, and looks amazing in our wedding photographs. The best part is - someone else provides it! I’m talking about uplighting. Some venues offer it to their wedding couples. If they don’t have it, try the DJ, or even a rental company. In weddings we’ve photographed with uplighting, we absolutely love the results we get.

Uplighting has some great advantages that will help add a bit of extra flair to any wedding. It’s easy to use uplighting to match the colors or theme of your wedding. We know from experience, it can take the plainest of spaces, and completely transform it into something really remarkable.

Also, in your wedding album it adds a hint of drama to your images that might not have been there before. The colors from uplights really pop, which will give the background of your images a bit of life.

In other cases, you can even create a custom design, or logo that shows off your style on the dance floor. Maybe it’s the design from your wedding invitations, or your names in lights. Whichever option you go with, it only elevates the beauty you’ll see in your wedding images!

See what I mean?

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