Then & Now: 6 years of wedding photography


369_42571403798_6913_n 6 years ago today, I photographed my very first wedding. At the time, I was only armed with one semi-decent camera - and had no idea what I was about to get myself into. I didn't have a partner or even an assistant, and definitely not a case full of gear to work with. I had a college degree, photographic education and a decent eye for composition and color.

The results...well, let's say they weren't what they are today. I was lucky in that it was a family wedding, and my aunt whose wedding it was, still loves me in spite of it. Today, I don't rely on luck to get the shot. I have far more experience, skill, business and wedding photography education than I did six years ago. In that respect, a lot has changed.

But what hasn't changed, is my love affair with wedding photography. Photographing my aunt's wedding day six years ago started me down a path of looking for moments and capturing them for others. Since day one, I've loved watching families come together for amazing occasions and have documented that for them.

So it's an anniversary of sorts for me, and definitely for my Aunt and Uncle. Happy 6 years you two! Thank you for giving my life the wonderful direction it has taken!

~ Erin




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