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Not all photographers offer this service, but to us and our clients, it's invaluable. So what is it? The viewing and ordering appointment takes place a few days after your portrait session, and it's the first time you get to see the full set of images we captured. We project the images on the wall larger than life and relive the day. It's fun! And to be totally selfish for a minute, it's the highlight of my day when I get to hear the oohs and aahs and omigoshes that go along with it!

Once you've seen all of the images, we walk you through the print and digital options. Some people think they just want a few 5x7s and 8x10s until they see all of the choices. We offer many unique product lines that you can't get just anywhere. We love providing inspiration and different home decor options! This is also when you'll place your order. To be honest, it is not my goal to sell you the largest, most expensive thing we offer. It truly isn't. Yes, I'm an artist - and would I love it if every person had a 30x40 acrylic print of one of our photographs on their walls? Of course. But acrylic isn't right for every home. That's why we offer a variety of wall art.

So what IS my goal from the viewing appointment? Simple: to guide you toward the best options for you and your style. So much goes into making photographs into art. We consider the size of the subject in the photograph, where you might hang it, the colors in the photo, and so much more. We're here to help!

We also use this appointment to answer questions about what we can and can't do with Photoshop. We create custom storyboards with your input and can design a whole wall cluster while you watch. The possibilities are endless! But if you just look at a gallery online, you won't have any idea what to do with the photos. We want to help you avoid that outcome.

If you are a designer and DIYer, you can still purchase the digital files. However, we strongly encourage you to come in for your viewing because we may be able to give you ideas you haven't seen anywhere else. There are so many ways to enjoy photographs beyond screen savers and digital frames. Let us help you create art for your home that you will enjoy for years to come!

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Have questions, or are you ready to book your appointment? Give us a shout! -Lori