welcome mouse! the family is growing...

family pictures with dogs There is something that you need to know. Erin and I ... we're dog people. We love our fur babies and treat them as children (except when we put them in their crates when we leave the house). We translate for them and put words in their mouths. We consider Molley and Allie frenemies. They love each other, Molley just likes to chew on Allie's head a little, that's all.

Well, the family is growing! John and I just adopted our second puppy from Lollypop Farm. She is a sheltie mix named Mouse. It took a little over a week for Molley to realize she wasn't leaving, but they really are the perfect pair. Molley loves to play chase and keep away, and Mouse is more than happy to oblige. That's not to say Molley doesn't get a little jealous still, but we're working on that!

All three of the girls are very sweet. Even so, we do put them in their crates for meetings. This is why we ask for appointments – so we can make sure they get their treat and are put away. Molley is the loud mouth, so you may still hear her say hello when you come in. :)

Yesterday, we tried a little photo session with our three girls. There were lots of treats involved, of course, and it was still challenging to keep them close together for the photo. The couch ended up being a great way to get them close without all doing the same thing. I kind of like how they are all doing something a little different in this photo (below right)! We'll have to try it again when they are a little more comfortable with each other, as this was also the first time Mouse and Allie got to meet. Anyways...

If you're a dog person too, which many of our clients seem to be, we'll happily let you meet them at the end of your appointment. Once the food is put away of course!

the three office dogs

sheltie mix wearing a coat in the snow

three photos of my dog mouse

Do you have a furry family member? We'd love to meet em! We love family portraits no matter what breed your children are :)