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It may not be the New York Times, but it's still kind of exciting to see your face on the cover of the newspaper. Not being under the "Arrests" or "Obituaries" column, well that's even better! Erin and I are super stoked to be highlighted in the Fairport-East Rochester Post this week. Check it out, and see if you recognize anyone. Now, you can say you know famous people!

fairport- east rochester post, lori and erin photography article

Cover of the Fairport - East Rochester Post

If you can't see the photos, here is the text of the article:

Photographers Start New Partnership

About the Business

Wedding and portrait photographers Lori Coleman and Erin Perrotta each previously owned separate businesses, which offered clients many of the same services recently merged to start Lori and Erin Photography in Fairport. Here, they both share more about their new venture.

The movie, TV program or song that best portrays what your business is like: Wicked's "Defying Gravity," It's a song about being strong, and overcoming challenges. It reminds us that this is an amazing journey we're on with no limits to what we can achieve together.

Stroke of luck or moment of inspiration that made your business possible: We met at a Greater Rochester Professional Photographer's meeting in 2009. We each owned our separate businesses at the time. We quickly became friends, and have worked together ever since! Over the past year, we realized that we work best, when we work together instead of as competition.

Besides your business, the community's best kept secret is: There's always something to do, in every season! You just have to get out and enjoy it!

This item is always in your fridge at home: Both of us have the same answer- Milk! And maybe a bottle of wine for when friends stop by!

If you could have dinner with one person, living or dead, you'd choose:

Erin- I'd love to spend some time with my great-grandmother again. She was an amazing woman, and no famous person would rank higher than that!

Lori- My Aunt Michele. I admired her for so many reasons, but I really wish we could just chat about our dogs.

Down to Business

Name of business: Lori & Erin Photography

Street address: 1132 Whitney Road, Fairport NY 14450

Name of owner(s): Lori A Coleman and Erin Perrotta

Town or village where owner(s) live: Fairport, NY and Rochester, NY

Number of full-time employees, excluding owners: 0

Number of part-time employees, excluding owners: 0

Month/Year business opened: January 2013

Services: Custom Photography for Weddings and Families

Contact information: hello@lorianderin.com or 585.678.1905

Days and hours of business: Always open, but please call for an appointment!


You can see our original starting out blog post here. Thanks for checking us out!