FAQ: 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Albums

FAQ: 3 Reasons Why You'll Love Our Albums

Yes, it will then take it's place on your book shelves for short while. Until the day that your baby wants to know what you looked like "back then." And then you'll relive that wedding day all over again, this time with a whole new perspective on life and time. We say it all the time, your album isn't really for you. It's for your children and their children.

FAQ: Wedding Photography, What's Our Style?

What's our Style? It's very a common question. It's a question that every wedding website and bridal magazine in town tells couples to ask.  A common answer from a photographer might simply be: "photojournalistic."

That's a great answer. However, we feel that there's a bit more to a photography style, and a wedding day than strictly photojournalism. Which is where we come in, because we believe that our style is composed of two distinct roles as a photographer. One where both of us are fully able to fill both roles.

Our wedding photography is a beautiful blend of the romance you want to see in each other, and the documentary style of photography that tells the story as it's happening candidly. All the while, our focus is on the relationships that matter to you.

As you look through our wedding portfolio page, you'll see what we mean.

You'll also notice that our images are clean and timeless. Do we offer black and white? Yes, because it's a classic look. That said, we purposely choose NOT to use faded filters and effects on our images. Why? Because we don't follow fads. Because when you look back at your wedding album in 25 years, you don't want to say "Oh look, the Instagram Era." Your album will always look timeless.

Because a wedding is more than just one style of photography. Between the two of us, we each have an eye and a love for both!

Two viewpoints, to tell one timeless story - yours.

FAQ: 3 Reasons You Really Should Have an Engagement Session

Our wedding collection includes an engagement session. By now, everyone who doesn't live under a social media rock knows what they are. Naturally, we believe they are not only important, but necessary. As clients, you either love the idea, or you don't. If you're leaning toward "don't", this message is for you.

Here's our top 3 reasons for including an engagement session:

1) It's an experience you deserve to have: It's an hour of time for you together, totally dedicated to your relationship. It's a date that as you're going along, you didn't realize you were having. It's FUN. Seriously... even our stuffiest, most nervous of grooms have had fun with it. 

2) So You'll Laugh More: Laughing means you're relaxed, and relaxed means you'll be yourself. No one, I repeat, NO ONE is a natural in front of the camera. Even us photographers, with years of posing experience get flustered when the camera points our way. What helps? Getting to know each other better.

The goal is to raise your comfort level so you won't be as nervous about a little P.D.A. with your fiance. And if I'm being honest - if we're going to spend a full day together at your wedding, I'd kind of want to know who you are too.

3) To learn to be more like Tyra Banks: You know all of those beautiful wedding portraits you're seeing everywhere? Here's a little insider secret: Those don't always just "happen." 

I know you want the "photojournalistic-we-just-happen-to-be-posed-perfectly" photograph - but to be honest sometimes, you need a little help. And that's ok.  

Coaching happens in an engagement session (in a non-"say cheeeeese!" way), so that on the biggest day of your life, you already know what will make you look your best.  That's how those perfect wedding portraits are created more naturally (and quickly- so you can get to the party!).

So, do you and your partner know what you're doing already, and what flatters you best? If so, awesome, you might be eligible for America's Next Top Model. If not... do the engagement session.

Honestly, we feel that engagement sessions are a huge benefit to creating more natural, gorgeous wedding photographs. We really believe in them. We hope you do too.