Giving Back : 1% for the Planet

earth from above

Imagine living in a world where you have to wear a mask before going outside, or you wake up not knowing if you will have access to clean water that day. It's not just foreign countries being impacted by climate change. Everyone, everywhere, is affected whether we realize it or not.

Now imagine that your actions can make a difference. That you could help reverse the damage done by pollution and wastefulness. After reading Drawdown by Paul Hawken, I felt hope. It is possible to reverse the damage from carbon emissions and you and I can do it.

When I came across 1% for the Planet, it seemed like a great way to use our business to make a difference. 

1% for the Planet is a global movement inspiring businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. We advise on giving strategies, we certify donations, and we amplify the impact of our network.

Every year, 1% of our gross proceeds will go to charities dedicated to protecting the earth.

“1% for the Planet certifies giving on an annual basis by reviewing each business's sales documentation as well as reviewing donation receipts made to approved nonprofit partners.”

Part of it is the donation itself, yes. But it's also the awareness of the campaign and knowing that people vote with their dollars. If supporting an environmentally friendly business is important to you, you're in the right place.

We feel you!

I love how Rick Crawford put it: "...consumers hold the power to demand a future that is actually sustainable. By demanding products and services from businesses that are solving social and environmental problems, consumers set trends that can't be ignored."

Thank you for your support and if this cause is important to you, now you know that every time you shop with us 1% is going back to the planet. 


PS: Leave a comment, we'd love to know your thoughts on this initiative!


Celebrating 5 Years: Radio Social Anniversary Party

Oh my goodness, I think we're still processing it all.

It was almost like a wedding and a reunion mixed together. Lori and I couldn't stop smiling as we talked to everyone that joined us for our big five year anniversary bash at Radio Social.

We bowled, we played, we ate great food and amazing cake. Stepping back and taking it all in, we really have so much to be grateful for when it comes to this two person operation we've got going on.

After reflecting on the party, I realized something pretty big. This is wayyyy more than a two person operation.

It's taken a village, our tribe of amazing people who have supported us every step of the way. From clients and other photographer friends, to family members, amazing friends and our ultra patient spouses – we're never without someone to push us further, or pick us up when we need it most.

Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us. We have to especially thank Heather McKay of McKay's Photography (her's are the rounded corner photos below) for photographing the event for us, and Michelle Crawford of Shell's Sweets for the delicious cake!

And thank you to all those who have supported us - whether from close to home or afar. It's your referrals and your kind words that have allowed us to do what we love for five wonderful years.

Here's to the next chapter!

~ Erin (and Lori)

Valentine's Day is For Everyone: Fairport NY Photographers

Valentine's Day. Whether your totally for it or tend to call it "amateur hour," it's a holiday that as photographers, we do not ignore. It doesn't come in one shape or size, but it does fit everyone.

We stand for love. And while yes, the traditional holiday is meant for romantic gestures between loves - it's also so much more. Romantic love isn't the only game in town.

Yes, love is a first kiss and a first dance.

But it's also a 60th wedding anniversary dance.

Love is cuddling your kids.

Love is cherishing time with grandparents.

Love is having everyone in the same place, because it's rare.

Love is sisters and brothers.

Love is an adorable pet.

Love is your girl squad.

Love is reminiscing over first dates together.

Love is holding hands through the hard stuff.

Love is enjoying the silly things.

Love, is whatever you want it to be. It's whatever moment means the most to you, with those you truly treasure.

Valentine's Day is for everyone, because love is everything.

Happy Valentine's Day!

~ Erin

Why I threw out my wedding photos

Yeah, I said that. And yes - I really did just throw them away. As a photographer, it was one of the hardest things I've ever done.

Your current thoughts probably range from - "Ok?" to "What the $%&*? Erin - WHY?!"

Well... because they were useless to me.

Before you think my marriage just went down the drain, step away from the phone and refrain from texting me like a crazy person. I'm still happily married. I promise.

But, I really did throw away my wedding pictures. At least - the two burned CD's that they were living on in the bottom drawer of my desk. I know, they weren't even in a safe place.

I have the files still, I moved them to three different locations years ago. But the CD's were useless to me.

I threw them away because I don't have a device in my home that's capable of reading them anymore. Which is exactly what we've been preaching to our wedding clients and families for years now.

It's also why I made a wedding album. It's why I made a tangible, printed heirloom - so that one day, I won't have to realize that I have no way to share in the joy of those memories.

If you've got discs of photos lying around that you've never done anything with, I'm not surprised. If you want help making those discs into heirlooms - give us a call.

So that one day, you won't have to throw away your memories.

~ Erin


2017 with LucasP: rochester photography

All honesty - 2017 wasn't my favorite year. I'm in a place right now, where I'd prefer to move forward, even though it's hard. Despite all of it's hardships, 2017 had some beautiful moments in the life of Lucas P and our journey as a family.

Lucas grew taller, his words come faster (and louder), his true personality emerging stronger every day. For weeks he wouldn't leave the house without a super hero cape or stormtrooper mask on. He still loves his trains, but now mixes his imaginary worlds together. Batman saves Thomas the Train, and Stormtroopers chase dinosaurs. Holding onto this boy's childhood moments have been a saving grace in the chaos.

Those who know me know that we experienced loss, but also immense love this year. Seriously it was intense and an other-worldly kind of love. It's the kind that leaves you dumbfounded and awestruck. I'd always known it was there, but never fully experienced and felt until this year.

If there's anything I can leave you with from this year, (other than some cute family photos) - it's this.

Don't hesitate to take the pictures. The moment might not be perfect, or the lighting not ideal, or your make up is not on. Some of the photos from this year of my life are literally the last of their kind. I'll never be able to recreate these photos. Take the picture - because someone who loves you, might need to hold onto that photo tomorrow.

These photos bring me smiles, laughs and sometimes tears. But they're reminders of a life that's full, and lived and loved. They're something else to hold on to - keeping me tethered in the storm and giving me a reminder to keep showing up, even if it's pouring.

Because when the rain finally stops, I know I'll see the rainbow.

With love, and hope for a brighter year,


Special thank You to NorthGlow Photography for our family session this year!

5 Years and Counting: Happy Anniversary Us!

So often we get caught up in the daily tasks of running a business that we forget to step back and look at all we've actually accomplished.

But not today. Today we're celebrating a milestone anniversary of us. Five years ago today, we made "Lori & Erin" official in the eyes of New York State - and we haven't looked back. In this industry, so many of us are independent and prefer to go it alone. So, finding a photography partnership can be a little like finding a unicorn. It's something rare.

For those that don't know our story, you can check out the recap in this post from earlier this week. Whether it was the Almighty, Buddha, or Yoda using The Force, I believe that finding each other and creating this business was meant to happen.

We've set goals and faced challenges. We've grown together, as well as individually into who we are and why we do it. We aren't the same people who started this journey. We're stronger and smarter and maybe a little bit crazier (in a good way). And all because we had an idea of a partnership over five years ago.

And it's also because of you. Looking back on all of these sessions has been wonderful. We're so grateful for each of your smiles. You have helped us grow. Thank you for putting your trust in us, year after year to help you treasure your relationships forever.

Here's to another five years!

Lori & Erin

PS - Here's a video recap of ALL five years, are you in it? 



FAQ : How did you two meet? The story of how Lori and Erin Photography Began

We get asked this a lot, in one variation or another. How long have you been working together? How long have you known each other? Are you sisters?

Well, you've opened a can of worms... here goes!

The Quick Story

  • No, we are not related - though we might as well be
  • We each had independent businesses before L&E began
  • We met at Greater Rochester Professional Photographers (GRPP) in 2009
  • We worked our first wedding together in 2010
  • Began planning the partnership in 2012
  • Officially signed the papers and became Lori & Erin Photography in 2013
  • Now we live|eat|breathe Lori and Erin Photography!

The Long Story

It was a dark and stormy night... just kidding, I don't remember what the weather was. What I do remember was standing in the back of a large room filled with photographers at a GRPP meeting, when this new girl introduces herself as a graphic designer/photographer who works in the printing industry. 

I did a double take as she spoke... is this girl for real? SMH. She was describing me. My first job out of college was working for a print company while I built my design/photography business on the side. Immediately after the meeting, I introduced myself. She was there with her husband, so I met Matt as well.

Who knew I was meeting my best friend? I don't think either of us did.

We got to know each other through meetings and conferences, and eventually starting shooting for each other. I'm not sure how else to say it, but we just clicked. (Ba dum, dum - symbol crash) 

As friends, photographers and human beings, we wanted many of the same things. We both wanted to switch from doing photography on the side, to making it our full time career. We liked working with people and capturing relationships. We even had a similar shooting style.

I made the leap first, and eventually, Erin left her 9-5 as well. The first time a partnership was mentioned, it was in jest.

But then, we started to think it wasn't so crazy. What if...

What if we could make it work?
What if we could support each other?
What if we could share expenses?
What if we could offer consistency to our clients?
What if we could... succeed?

It took nearly a full year to design the new business. We talked everything through. Who would do what tasks? How would we pay ourselves? Who would be responsible for various things? Who would switch their brand of gear... oh that could be its own post!

By January 2013, we felt confident in ourselves and each other, and we jumped. We pooled our resources and began opening new doors.

Five years later, I still feel it was the right move.

We push each other to be better as people, as creatives, and as business owners. We are able to remain best friends - perhaps because of the business. Or perhaps because we respect and accept each other, quirks and all.

Our first photo conferences together. Where we met, started getting to know each other and the story began! Yes, we're admitting there were togas involved.

Our first photo conferences together. Where we met, started getting to know each other and the story began! Yes, we're admitting there were togas involved.

Then we proved we could survive 12 days together in a foreign country with 1 car, with our husbands. Clearly we were ready to start our business!

Then we proved we could survive 12 days together in a foreign country with 1 car, with our husbands. Clearly we were ready to start our business!

Us have fun at a wedding? Nope, never. 

Us have fun at a wedding? Nope, never. 

Well, there you have it. Was it what you thought? Do you think we are crazy? Or, are you glad we met? Let us know in the comments. 

Thanks for being here,

The Value of a Portrait: Rochester NY Photographer

I want you to go find a photo - maybe it's you and your parents, or your parents wedding album, or you with you deceased grandmother.

Look at the people in it. What do you see? How does that photograph make you feel?

Now, imagine never having that image. Was it 5 years old? 10? Can it be retaken? Do you still have the story behind that image? Imagine how you would feel, if that photograph was taken away from you.

Or rather, try this scenario. Imagine holding that image after 40 years. Are the people in the image all still with us, or have you lost a loved one over the years? Does it mean more to you now that time has passed? My guess is, it does.

For all of these reasons - that's the value of a portrait. 

I can tell you from first hand experience that the photos of my son with his grandfather are some of my most valued possessions. You can have my tv, my computer, heck, you can even take my camera. But if I ever lost those photos, I'd be a wreck.

Those photographs are how I'm going to teach my son who his grandfather was. They're how I'm going to hold on to him when I need to hear his voice. They're part of our story, and serve as a reminder to our history.

But had they never been printed, or worse, never been taken at all, I would have only have the pictures in my ever fading memory to rely on.

Moral of the story - take pictures, and then also print them. Because to me they're one thousand times more valuable than any of the most expensive gifts you'll ever receive.

If you don't understand the feeling right now, trust me, someday you will.

~ Erin


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday

I have to say it...

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Anybody with me? 

My sister-in-law's dog, Madigan, makes sure she is using proper technique to slice the turkey

My sister-in-law's dog, Madigan, makes sure she is using proper technique to slice the turkey

Here's the thing... it's a little chaotic, involves a lot of driving, but in one day we get

  • to spend time with my side of the family
  • to spend time with his side of the family
  • to eat two very good meals
  • to play with our nieces and nephews
  • to think about all the things we are grateful for, and say thank you

Thanksgiving is really a "lite" version of Christmas. It contains all the togetherness without having the stress and worry about giving gifts.

And that's why it is my favorite. We get to focus on each other, catching up and playing games with those we love, and don't get to see enough of throughout the year.

Of course, the mountains of food that will inevitably and consumed doesn't hurt either.

So this Thanksgiving, I hope you enjoy time with your loved ones. Give them an extra hug, slow down and stay a few moments longer. Be thankful for everything from the shoes on your feet to the roof over your head.

And know that I am thankful for you. Family, friends, clients, and blog-stalkers, I am thankful for you! 

Happy thanksgiving.

Internship Available: Fall & Winter 2017

Our business is always growing, and we want to share some of our experience with the next generation of photographers!

We are looking for a motivated individual aiming to gain experience in the business of portrait and wedding photography. You’ll learn tips and tricks while working with real customers, as well as many of the back end tasks business that most people don’t think about. The position will begin sometime in late September and run through November, with an option to extend through the end of December. We expect a weekly commitment of 5-10 hours.

You’ll get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like to run a photography business. We’ll review your portfolio (if you have one) and address any specific areas you may want help with. You can pick our brains about what we have learned in our 5+ years of running a full time business!

Tasks Could Include: Assisting on Portrait Sessions/Weddings • Packaging Print Orders • Social Media updates • Compiling Blog posts + other odds and ends as they come up

To Apply: Send an email to with the subject line: Intern Application. In the Body, please include all of your contact information and answer the following questions:

Tell us about yourself - what are your passions? (Other than photography) • Will you get school credit for this internship? • Are there any requirements to receive this credit? • What is your availability? Days/Times • What is the number one takeaway you would like to get from this position? • What is your favorite photo or blog post on our website? Why? • How familiar are you with Lightroom and Photoshop? • Do you have your own laptop?

Deadline to Apply is midnight on September 30th. Thank you for your interest!


Lucas P turns 3: Family Moments Rochester NY

In his second year, I watched as he went from baby to suddenly being a kid - personality and all. Looking back, it's amazing how many little "big" moments made up the year. From his first real understanding of Halloween, to toddler beds, camping, and even the beginning of potty training.  It was a year for a great many new things and (as he likes to call them) "abentures." 

Believe it or not, despite the inevitable tantrums of a "threenager," I actually love this age. I love watching him explore and learn.

For the most part he's outgoing, playful and silly. He isn't afraid to wear one stormtrooper sock and one Thomas the train sock at the same time. He wears superhero capes on hikes, much to the delight of every single person walking past us. I love that he's not afraid to be himself.

Until him, I had little interest in my husband's nerd life. Sure, it's entertaining, but it wasn't part of my own life, let alone my wardrobe. Now I find myself buying my own Star Wars/Wonder Woman t-shirts. Heck, last week, I very nearly bought my own set of Star Wars socks.

Why? Because I want to be like him. I want to be part of his world, while he'll still let me.

So for now, you bet I'll I wear a superhero cape when he wants to play. I'll gladly wield a light saber when under attack from the Empire, or the Joker, or sometimes even a shark.

I'll also take every hug, kiss, cuddle and "I love you" that I can get.

Because just as the last year did, his next year will go as fast, if not faster. And these beautiful little moments will someday become the past.

Happy 3rd birthday to my smart, silly, sweet, and often stubborn little super hero, Lucas P!

Mommy (aka Princess Leia)

Family Vacation Time on Lake Michigan

Living on Lake Ontario, it's easy to assume that all of the Great Lakes look the same. However, on a recent trip to Ludington MI, I learned I was quite wrong. The lake was blue, the beaches had white sand, and there were sand dunes that made you feel like you were in a desert (even if the day we visited them was the coldest one all week). It was strange and beautiful all at the same time.

We checked out the beach, lighthouses shops and sand dunes in the area. We visited one of the coolest botanical gardens that I've ever seen, in Grand Rapids.

At first, I had my camera out and at the ready. But as the week passed, I left it in the bag more often, and either used my iPhone camera, or just enjoyed the time without it.

Mostly, we spent the week getting some R&R and spending time with family.

I came to the realization about myself that because of what I do, being an observer is now engrained into who I am.  I love to see the moments that sometimes go unseen in the everyday world.

I enjoyed watching as my three year old transformed from a toddler to a little boy. Chasing his cousins around the yard, playing a version of "Star Wars meets Batman" that I will never fully understand. At night, there was ice cream, popcorn, s'mores and more ice cream, along with beautiful sunsets and board games.

I enjoyed this week, just sitting back and watching my family be together. Sometimes, that's just what's needed. Enjoy the glimpse into our week in Ludington!

~ Erin