Family Portrait Membership Goes Egg Hunting

Three minutes of egg searching craziness. That's how long an egg hunt takes a child.

It takes at least two of those minutes to find and set your phone, then another minute to catch up to your child and attempt to snap a photo of them trying to carry eight eggs in two hands. By that time, you might have missed the moment.

Being present is something we all struggle with, right? You want to enjoy, but you also don't want to forget their smiling faces in this moment. I am that mom, every day.

This is the reason we created this membership. So you can be there, enjoying "right now." Because we're taking care of the rest.

Catch up with us and the fun of the egg hunt event below! Then join us on April 6th to find out how you can start enjoying "right now" with us.

~ Erin

Celebrating 5 Years: Radio Social Anniversary Party

Oh my goodness, I think we're still processing it all.

It was almost like a wedding and a reunion mixed together. Lori and I couldn't stop smiling as we talked to everyone that joined us for our big five year anniversary bash at Radio Social.

We bowled, we played, we ate great food and amazing cake. Stepping back and taking it all in, we really have so much to be grateful for when it comes to this two person operation we've got going on.

After reflecting on the party, I realized something pretty big. This is wayyyy more than a two person operation.

It's taken a village, our tribe of amazing people who have supported us every step of the way. From clients and other photographer friends, to family members, amazing friends and our ultra patient spouses – we're never without someone to push us further, or pick us up when we need it most.

Thank you to those who came to celebrate with us. We have to especially thank Heather McKay of McKay's Photography (her's are the rounded corner photos below) for photographing the event for us, and Michelle Crawford of Shell's Sweets for the delicious cake!

And thank you to all those who have supported us - whether from close to home or afar. It's your referrals and your kind words that have allowed us to do what we love for five wonderful years.

Here's to the next chapter!

~ Erin (and Lori)

Sledding With Friends: Portrait Membership Event

It can be hard to plan a sledding event in advance. Will there be snow? Will it be cold enough, but not too cold? The weather caused us to skip the wind chill of -3 day. Then we lucked out with 40 degrees and sunny the next week. That weather was perfect for optimal sledding conditions!

We had a great turnout at Ellison Park to enjoy it! The sledding hill is a great hill for all levels, and it was a pleasure to be out enjoying winter with everyone. In addition to sledding, our talented members made a snow man and snow elephant! 

This was the perfect opportunity to spend time with your kids and let us capture it. Friends, we do this every month! Give us the chance to capture the photos while you play! Enjoy the photos, and join us next month!


2017 Portrait Membership Year in Review: Rochester NY

January is the month of planning. But while we are busy figuring out this year's membership events, we also like to take a minute to look back. Look back on all the moments we experienced together, all the memories we made, and all the smiles we've captured for eternity. 

So much happens in 365 days. Physical and emotional growth is fun to witness, and you can see it on some of the faces here. Life is messy and chaotic, but that doesn't mean it's not worth remembering.

There is such innocence in a child playing in a puddle, or dirt, or the pool. Our membership program allows us to capture these "outside the studio box" experiences. Check out some of the awesome family moments we caught this year!

We got dirty

We played in the cold and wet, willingly!


We made music and crafts

We played, and played, and played.


We got really into some books


We found fairies, apples and pumpkins and made new friends along the way


We wore costumes, smiles and laughs


To all our members: Thank you for doing your thing, and letting us preserve these simple, but beautiful childhood memories for you. 


If you aren't a member... what the heck are you waiting for? There is no time to waste, jump in and join the fun. You won't regret joining, you'll only be sad you didn't join sooner!

See you soon,
Lori and Erin

Halloween Member Event at Wickham Farm

When we saw the forecast for the day, we definitely cringed a little bit. For our second year in a row now, we've had some soggy weather for our Halloween event at Wickham Farms in Penfield.

But the thing we've learned, is that a little rain won't slow down our awesome members. Especially when they have some pretty amazing Halloween costumes to show off.

Check out the little Frodo. Or the cutest lion or cat in town. We even had an appearance from Spider-Man and some Hogwarts students.

We essentially had the place to ourselves. So we made the best of the day and played in the rain! We're so grateful for all of our members. Memories were not only made, but also captured for them to hold onto years from now. It is such a treat (no tricks, sorry) for us to be the ones to capture it for them.

~ Erin

Erie Canal Family Portraits: Pittsford, NY

After three years photographing this little lady, (another one of our awesome portrait members) it's possible she's finally warming up to the idea of me being around with my camera. Or maybe it was the ducks on the canal. Ok fine, it was probably the ducks.

Whatever the reason, I had a fun evening with her, and her mom and dad, on the Erie Canal. They fed the ducks and the pigeons, played hide and seek and ran around barefoot (my kind of girl).

Laid back and relaxed, it's always better to let the three year old be a three year old at a portrait session, isn't it? 

What's better than watching your daughter's face light up as she feeds the ducks? Or running around minus her shoes? What more can you do but enjoy it? Because this is who she is, and I love it.

~ Erin

Apples, Family and Pictures: Portrait Membership Fairport NY

I've been writing these event posts all year with my goal being to show you how much fun and how worthwhile our membership program is.

The events we plan are typically not over the top. They're things your family might do whether or not our cameras were there. For example, going apple picking. It's a fun fall activity, which you might do all on your own time together as a family.

I love seeing the little things at these events, like a child instinctually grab grandma or grandpa's hand as they walk through the orchard. I love watching our families grow together and seeing the kids interact with each other along the way.

And at the end of the day, we have the privilege of giving you back those moments in the photographs we take. 

We have one more awesome event planned in October and really hope that you'll all join us. If you're interested in coming, we'll be at Wickham Farms on October 29th from 12-2pm. Whether your a member or not, we want to enjoy these moments with you!

~ Erin

First Year Albums: Family Portraits in Webster

Looking back at my own little guy's first year, it's hard for me to recall a lot of the little details. I don't remember what his favorite foods were, or exactly when he started crawling.

Which is exactly why this album is an amazing keepsake. We recently designed this particular album for one of the cutest kids in our membership program. 

From candids at our events to milestone portrait sessions, we documented this family as they grew together throughout the year. We also filled it with all of the little details her parents wanted to remember about Alaina's first year. 

If you're on the fence about creating heirlooms for your children as they grow, you should really come check these out.

~ Erin

Chloe: First Birthday Party, Fairport NY

Chloe wasn't sure about her first bites of birthday cake, but she sure loved the toys at her 1st birthday party! Mom and Dad planned her an awesome "Under the Sea" themed party which lots of family and friends came out to enjoy. Chloe flashed her smile all day long and enjoyed opening her gifts. Can you believe her mom made that cake? How cute! 

It has been my pleasure watching this little family grow, and I felt like part of the family while photographing this milestone for them. Looking forward to the next one, she'll be walking in no time!


Want something like this for yourself? Learn more about our Membership Program and call us today!

Photo Hike at Tinker Park: Portrait Membership Events

The first time my husband and I took Lucas to Tinker Park, I knew it would be a great place for one of our Portrait Membership events. There are so many opportunities for cute portraits and play everywhere. There's the fairy houses, and an educational nature trail, and even a playground.

We set up these events, not only so that we can create portraits for our families, but also so that they'll have time to be together.

I know that I want to be on the trail with my child encountering frogs and deer. (We saw both!) I want to knock on the fairy house doors to see if they're home. I want to watch them run down the trail, their little legs going as fast as they can exploring and adventuring.

At the end of the day, we hope that you feel there's so much more to our Portrait Membership than just the pictures.

Living life and being together. Because isn't that where the memories are really made?

Thanks to the few families who joined us on this fun little adventure! We hope you'll join us for our next member event in September - apple picking!

~ Erin

Story Time and Ice Cream: Fairport NY Portrait Membership

Our latest member event combined two of my favorite things - books and ice cream. And on a warm summer day, there's really no better way to play.

So we packed up and went to the Fairport Library for their story hour with some of our great members and their family. We enjoyed books, songs, and games together before heading over to Moonlight Creamery for a few scoops.

Some of our littlest were there, and watching them try ice cream for the first time was downright adorable.

We hope you'll join us for our next event -  August 10th at Tinker Park.  See you there!

~ Erin & Lori

Picnic at Egypt Park: Fairport NY Photographers

Every year we take a night to say "thank you" to our clients with a picnic. We love sitting down to a meal with you and spending time with you outside of your portrait sessions.

It's our favorite way to say thank you, and it was a beautiful night to do so.

Thank you to all of the engaged couples who let us capture their biggest day. Thank you to the couples who are still with us, as families now six years after their wedding day. To each graduating senior who shared their world with us. And to the families we've photographed, as well as to our members who we are so grateful to see and photograph regularly.

We are so grateful for each and every one. Here's a glimpse of the fun!

~ Erin