Ask us anything! 

What's your style? If you enjoy the photographs you are seeing, you already enjoy our style. It's timeless. You will not find yourself looking at your images in 20 years and saying "oh, the Instagram filter era - what were we thinking?"  Rather, you will see clean, beautiful images. You might laugh at the changes in fashion, but that is a whole different story.

We are easy going and fun, up for adventure, real and always grateful to be a part of your biggest moments. All of that shows in our photographs. We cannot stress enough how much we believe in the power and importance of relationships - it is our most important reason for why we do it. Not just yours with your fiance, but with all of the family and friends that will also be a part of your day.

How long have you been working together? Short answer? Since 2010. Read the long answer here.

How long until we get to see our photographs? A sneak peek image or two is typically posted within 24 hours. A blog post with 50+ images is usually ready in about a week. The full gallery of images is delivered in approximately one month.

Where can I find more testimonials? You can see dozens of reviews from our past couples here!

Do you travel? YES! We love to travel. We regularly cover weddings from Buffalo to Syracuse, but have also photographed weddings in Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Pennsylvania & Massachusetts! Travel within two hours of us in included. And because we love to travel, we keep our travel fees to a minimum. So please let us know about your plans!

Have you photographed at our venue before? We have been lucky enough to capture weddings all over the City of Rochester, the Finger Lakes, even a few Destination Weddings. See below for some posts from our most recent wedding venues including The Genesee Valley Club, Ventosa Vineyards, The Wadsworth Homestead, Casa Larga Vineyards, and The Wintergarden by Monroes. We also enjoy a good barn wedding, for example Twin Silos Barn or Becker Farms and Vizcarra Vineyards.  Even the more unique options like The Rochester Museum and Science Center or Canal Side at Lockport Locks rate high on our list.

Here's a more complete list of the places we've been.

We are also excited to get to some new venues like The Arbor Loft this coming year!

What if we do not need an engagement session? Occasionally, an engagement session is not possible. If that is the case, we can talk about it. However, we are big fans and you can read why here.

Do we need an album? We will put it this way: If your parents' wedding images were on a floppy disk, could you see them? It makes us sad to give you all of these gorgeous images and have them live forever on a screen. Printed albums are timeless heirlooms; an investment that truly grows in value with every generation. Our albums and books are affordable heirlooms that will stand the test of time, and we love creating them with your input for the perfect keepsake. Learn more about them here.

Do we need two photographers? We feel that not only is it great to have more than one viewpoint, but it really makes your day go so much smoother. We can blend in and be less obtrusive by not having to be everywhere at once. With us, you always get two.

What if you get sick? We get this one a lot. Short answer? We shoot sick if necessary. Ok, but what if it's more serious than that? We have a great network through the Greater Rochester Professional Photographers, and a lot of professional wedding photographer friends that we can count on if we are truly in need.

What type of equipment do you use? Professional level, Canon full sensor bodies with prime and telephoto lenses. But it is really not about the equipment, rather how you use the skills and tools you have!

Do you offer a wedding registry or payment plans? Yes to both. We provide registry cards free of charge to interested couples and have multiple payment options that work for everyone.

Are you insured? Yes, though we pray we never need to use it.

How do we book? To book your date we require a $1000 retainer and a signed contract. It is simple to do, whether in person or in our secure online portal.