Whether you are walking down the aisle, in each other’s arms, or dancing the night away. You know one thing. You never want to forget this feeling, these people - this moment.

You believe that your wedding is a symbol of the start of your marriage. Flowers and details are pretty. Your three tiered red velvet cake is obviously delicious. And the venue is naturally amazing, or you wouldn't have selected it. You want a gorgeous day, but you are not a “sweat the small stuff” kind of person. You want to feel relaxed and it should be fun. 

The most important part of this day to you, is having all of the people who mean the most to you together. This moment with these people cannot be repeated. You never want to forget how that feels. But you also want to be present in each moment.

Ultimately, when the day itself is done, your lifetime together is just beginning. You are starting a chapter in your family's legacy. It is a chapter you want to share with your future children, and even someday, your future grandchildren. Not right away, but someday these images will be heirlooms.

That is where we come in. Because it's your wedding, and your marriage, and we want you to be invested in every moment.

On Relationships

As photographers, (and frankly, as human beings) relationships are everything to us. Your marriage, not just your wedding, is a priority to us. We believe that the investment you choose to make in your wedding photography is more than just signing a contract and writing a check. It's more than just pretty pictures. It's reassurance that we have captured it for you when the day goes too fast. It's trusting us to tell your story the way you deserve. It's capturing your relationship on your wedding day. And it's not just for you, but for your children and their children too.


Meet Lori & Erin

We push each other to do better, be more creative, and keep each other dancing. We work hard to capture every person, moment and detail of your wedding for you.

Kind Words

Looking through my wedding album, flipping through the digital files, refresh all those moments with a vivid intensity. Lori and Erin captured the moments of our day, and provided the pictures to last a lifetime. Seeing the emotion in the faces of my parents, recalling the details on the dining tables, recognizing the love and beauty of the day –as if it was yesterday. Lori and Erin will make you laugh and feel comfortable as they record in pictures the moments of your wedding day. They are genuinely friendly and will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. They listen to what is important capturing those moments and more. Lori and Erin create breathtaking photos. They provide support in creating albums and photo prints but ultimately let you make the final decision.
— Rebecca, Bride


Ask us Anything

We were both engaged once upon a time. So we know that selecting a photography experience that you feel comfortable with is a huge decision.

We know that you have questions. We welcome them.

We are an open book, so let us answer them.


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