You’re an entrepreneur. You have a website and a social media presence. Maybe your business is brand new or maybe you have years of experience. Either way, you work hard and you’re growing everyday.

But do your clients want what you’re giving them? Better question, do they know who you are?

Sure, you’ve introduced yourself with a selfie. You’ve given them hints and told them what you do. However, until your audience knows the “you” behind the proverbial product curtain, it doesn’t matter what you have to offer them. Because above all else, you’re in the business of selling you. People want to hear and connect to your story. That is how you build relationships with your audience that will last. Trust us, after six years in business together, we should know.

Brand Photography is more than just a cute headshot. We’re here to help you create connections and build the right relationships using our experience and creativity to tell your visual story.

Because people do business with people - so show them the real you in the best light possible.

The Experience

Brand Stories

About Us

Why do you need personal brand photography?

Sure, you could try to DIY your brand photography. Selfies are great in the right situation. However, that won’t always communicate to your audience that you’re the expert at what you do. We live in a visual world, full of distractions with viewers that have short attention spans. So how do you get noticed?

What we do, the short version

It’s no easy task to keep up an online presence on a daily basis. Yet it’s essential. But who has the time to keep up on constantly creating content? Here’s how we help with that. We work with you to create a collection of images that tell the story of your brand - images that convey who you are, what you do and how it feels to work with you using a variety of emotion.


In Their Words

I knew that branding photos would legitimize my business and show potential clients more of who I am in a more natural environment. I am not someone who is very comfortable in front of a camera and that was something Lori caught onto very quickly. Lori took the time to make me feel at ease and encouraged me to have fun. Once we got into the shoot I began to let my guard down which let more of my smiley personality show. The results were amazing."

Nicole, Visual Impressions Design

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More than anything we realize that our brand is who we are; it’s literally the name of our business.
We’re here to help guide you through this process and have a little gift for you that might help.
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