Baby E and her Family!

We cherish every person that steps or crawls in front of our lenses. Some are family members, some are friends, some are soon to be friends, but they are all special to us. Little E is no exception, and I am super excited to share a little of her story with you! I met E's parents about 2 years ago while they were in the adoption process. Throughout that time I met with them several times and enjoyed getting to know them. I always told them I couldn't wait to photograph their new family, and when I saw their name on the caller ID, I got excited! E is one lucky little girl and couldn't have found a better home. She has two older siblings to learn from and will be surrounded by love from every angle.

I look forward to watching her grow and seeing her story unfold. Without further ado, here she is!baby girl portrait

How can you resist a girl in a tutu?

siblings photographfamily portrait rochester ny

One happy family!


E with her siblings


Hanging out with the family

Such an adorable smile!

A child's laughter is truly infections :) Best wishes E, we look forward to watching you grow!