Behind the Scenes of Our Fairport NY Headshots and Personal Branding Session

Yes, we are photographers, so you might be thinking, why didn’t you take your headshots and branding pictures yourselves? The main reason is that it’s pretty hard to get us both in photographs together. But there are other perks to hiring someone from outside your circle.

We choose to work with Sarah Heppell Photography out of Syracuse. Along the way, we discovered some unexpected benefits of working with Sarah and her team.

  1. Outside Perspective on our Business. As much as we love, and are good at, helping others create a plan for their business headshots and branding sessions, we struggled with planning our own. Even though we have a strong social media presence and regularly have new photos to post (granted, more of clients than of ourselves), we had trouble focusing in on what would help people connect to us. Going through this process helped draw that out of us in a way that hasn’t been done before.

  2. Efficiency. We think of great shots all the time, but shooting them one at a time would be an inefficient use of time. By brainstorming several locations and themes in advance, we captured them all in one day, and now have several months worth of content to share. It was more work upfront and requires planning, but worth it to have so much ready to go, especially during the busy summer season!

  3. Fresh eyes. We stare at the walls of our offices all day long, so it can be hard to see them in a new way. Fresh eyes from someone who hasn’t seen them, we knew Sarah would see things in a different way.

These are all the things we offer our clients, and Sarah was able to offer them to us. So pop on over to Instagram to see how we are using these photos, and if it gets your idea factory running, give us a call or check out how we can do the same for you!

Highland Park Spring Engagement Session: Rochester NY

Eric and Holly are the kind of couple that believes in love at first sight.They share a love of board games, sleeping in and library dates. They’re constantly finding ways to show each other how much they love each other - even by getting engaged to each other twice!

The first time was at Colgate Divinity School, nearby Highland Park. And the other time, she proposed to HIM at the Lilac Festival at Highland Park in Rochester NY. So it was clear to us that being among the lilacs (yay for us) was super important to them as we planned their engagement session.

They fully admit that they’re still in puppy love after five years together. Not going to lie, this made our job a piece of cake. Thank you Holly and Eric for such a fun night together!

Vineyard Wedding Venues Series, Finger Lakes NY: Ventosa Vineyards

There’s no way we could do a Finger Lakes Wedding Venue Series justice without including one of our top favorites - Ventosa Vineyards on Seneca Lake. It honestly feels like a second home to us during wedding season. We love it so much.

RJ and the entire Ventosa Vineyards team are amazing, and they treat every single wedding as if it were one of their own. Every person, from guest to wedding vendor gets treated like family.

Their separate spaces for the wedding ceremony overlook Seneca Lake and the vineyards. Their covered patio is perfect for a rainy day or watching the sunset. And La Vista e Bella Ballroom is their grand gorgeous ballroom, elegant yet inviting.

And as photographers, we can honestly say there is a beautiful backdrop in any direction at Ventosa. Bridal parties have access to the entirety of the grounds for gorgeous backdrops as well as candid wedding photography.

We’ve had the pleasure of photographing weddings at Ventosa in nearly every season of the year, and each and every one is spectacular. So if you are hunting for large, all inclusive wedding venues in the Rochester NY area and the Finger Lakes - you definitely want to stop by Ventosa Vineyards.

Ellison Park Rochester NY Engagement Session: Jessica and Keaton

This spring has been a game of dodging rain drops on the daily. It’s caused us more than a few rescheduled portrait and engagement sessions. So when their night came, and it wasn’t raining for just a few hours - we took advantage of it. It was cold (think winter engagement sessions in Rochester type cold), but Jessica and Keaton weren’t going to let that stop them.

They laughed through their shivering and went with every idea we gave them. As the daylight faded into night, we created beauty out of what could have been dreary Friday night. Thank you Jessica and Keaton for the laughs, the fun and trusting us to capture your relationship.

~ Erin

Vineyard Wedding Venues Series, Finger Lakes NY: Knapp Vineyards

Next up in our Vineyard Venue Wedding Series - Knapp Vineyards on Cayuga Lake!

This was the perfect venue for a small, intimate wedding. Everything about it impressed us. The bridesmaids prepped in a nearby cottage (owned by the vineyard). The restaurant lawn created the perfect backdrop for a sunset wedding ceremony. The restaurant was cozy and intimate.

And the food was. to. die. for! SO GOOD! Customized menus with their amazing wines - so worth it!

And then how about having your dance floor with the backdrop of the barrel room behind you? It creates a picture perfect scene for those first dance photos.

And if you’re able to step away from the party and hit up the amazing sunset in the vineyard - do it. You won’t ever regret it.

If you want to see more wedding photography from this Finger Lakes Wedding venue - check out more from Keegan and Mike’s beautiful 2017 wedding!

Maternity Session in Highland Park: Rochester NY

Margaret knew that if this session included only one picture that it would be of them together, focused on her belly, holding onto a pair of baby shoes.

Well, mission accomplished.

The world around them at Highland Park in Rochester NY may have been crowded with families, other photographers and flower enthusiasts, but Margaret and Jacobus were quiet and peaceful together as we captured this moment in time for them.

There’s a moment in time when everything becomes real for new parents, and sometimes that happens when they see these maternity portraits. It’s an honor and privilege for us when it does.

Congratulations in advance Margaret and Jacobus - we can’t wait to meet your little bundle of joy!

Garden Party with the In Between Portrait Membership, Fairport NY

At Lucas Greenhouses, soil is not considered dirt until it falls to the ground. Well, with ten families in attendance at our planting party there was no shortfall of dirt. There was also no shortfall of fun and real life moments with family - my own included.

My own arrived in full super hero attire…to plant flowers. You guys, this is my real life. When your four year old insists on wearing a cape in public, you let him. And we captured it, because someday that tiny, every day moment will mean everything to me.

This is what our membership does. If this moment resonates with you at all, then please come talk more with us - your family is worth it. Your memories are worth it.

~ Erin

Venue Highlights: Shadow Lake Weddings, Rochester NY

We’ve been having fun showing off our vineyard venues, so why not show off a local Rochester wedding venue? Our hope is that we can share a little insight to some of the venues we’ve had the pleasure of working at and give a helping hand to any newly engaged couples!

Shadow Lake has two great reception locations for your wedding day - and we’ve had the pleasure of working in both. The Garden Tent holds approximately 175 people and the newly renovated (and gorgeous) Clubhouse can accommodate up to 250 of your favorite people. Either option has a fantastic waterside view.

You can also have your wedding ceremony right on the grounds - whether on the water or facing the lush greens of the course. Either option creates a picturesque backdrop for your ceremony photographs. (Enter us!)

Beyond that, the staff goes above and beyond to create an amazing day for each and every couple. And the food is fantastic! The chef’s in the kitchen create delicious meals using mostly local and home made ingredients. Yes, please!

Highlighting the whole venue for us is the multitude of options for a variety of great photographs. There are floral scenes, the waterfront and perfect locations for brilliant sunsets.

So if you’re checking out wedding venues in Rochester NY, stop on in and visit Ryan and the team for a tour! We hope to see you there!

Four Tips for Great Senior Pictures in Rochester NY

Since our high school senior portraits are coming up quick, we thought it might help if we offered up a few tips for some great senior pictures. After all, these photos will live on the pages of the high school yearbook and on your walls for years to come. The experience you have should be fun, memorable and unique!

So here's a few tips to get you thinking...

1) Clothing - Do your best to avoid clothing with words, stripes and plaids. Solid colors tend to photograph much better, especially in a busy background like a park or among colorful flowers. Make sure you're comfortable in your choices, and that they are flattering to you. If there's a part of you that you're self-conscious about, like your arms - simple solution, wear sleeves! Be comfortable in your clothes, so that it shows in your photographs! Also, keep your jewelry simple so it doesn't distract from what we're really capturing - you!

If you have questions on what to wear, bring a variety of options - from dressy to casual! We can help you pick the right outfit for the right setting.

2) Makeup - Ladies, don't feel like this is an opportunity to layer on the makeup. We want the natural you, not someone that no one will recognize! Your makeup should only be slightly heavier than usual. And please...don't use sparkles, they only make you look shiny in all the wrong places. Don't worry too much about blemishes either, we have ways to help diminish those!

3) Shaving - Guys, unless you're into the bearded look, shave prior to the session to avoid unwanted stubble. If you're face gets irritated easily, leave enough time for it to return to normal. Plan ahead!

4) Props, pets and activities - Here's the fun part. What is it that makes you, you? Do you have a cat, dog or pet iguana to include? We're game, just make sure you bring treats for motivation, and someone to keep watch over Fluffy the Lizard while he's not in the photographs.

We encourage you to bring items that reveal your personality and hobbies. For example, an instrument, sporting equipment, vehicle, collectible, or whatever it is you enjoy.

Most important of all - this should be a memorable experience, so have fun!

AJ's first days: Family Pictures Rochester, NY

This little guy is such a sweetheart! He was alert, calm and watchful at only a week old. We think he got used to the sound of 4 dogs while in the belly - so noise definitely didn’t bother him. And his fur siblings are very protective of the new little one in the house!

I couldn’t be happier for this family, some of the nicest people I have met. Do they look familiar? Well, you’ll be seeing more of them, and so will we! We can’t wait to watch little AJ grow up!

Say hello to our newest portrait membership family: AJ with mom and dad, Laura and TJ!


Vineyard Wedding Venues Series, Finger Lakes NY: Casa Larga Vineyards

Round two of our Vineyard Wedding venues brings us to Casa Larga. Since we’re photographers in Fairport NY, it’s basically our next door neighbor. And any chance we get to photograph a wedding close to home is a win for us!

I love Casa Larga for it’s amazing sunsets in the vineyards and for the variety of amazing location options to create beautiful wedding photographs. The team is wonderful to work with in helping brides and grooms create the reception of their dreams.

Not too long ago they renovated their ballroom space, which also makes it a huge draw for a winery wedding reception in Rochester NY. It’s a large, grand space with great window light on the dance floor. They can easily accommodate up to 250 guests, so if you have a big guest list, this is a great option for you.

Take a peek and gather some insp from some of the fun and beauty we’ve captured as wedding photographers at Casa Larga Vineyards. Are you having a vineyard wedding? Tell us about it in the comments!

~ Erin

Personal Brand Photography: Megabolt Digital

When it comes to the glamorous world of SEO and being found in a google search, I tend to think of very technical people sitting in a dark office scanning computer screens like crazy.

Meg, from Megabolt Digital is not one of those people.

She’s amazing at creating an SEO strategy in ways that you’ll understand. She’ll tell you herself, she’s more technical that a web designer, but more people oriented than your typical SEO consultant. She’s relatable, funny, friendly and a fantastic mom to her boys.

She rebranded her whole business not too long ago, and ever since has been growing like the Hulk when he’s angry. (Except, she’s not angry and green).

The only thing that didn’t change in her super hero sized rebrand, were her photographs. And while those old photographs worked, they no longer fit her brand like they should.

So we helped to give her some new looks to choose from when she’s posting on social media, updating her website, or teaching her wealth of wisdom online.

If you haven’t met her yet, you should!

Check out Megabolt Digital online:
Facebook / Instagram: @megaboltdigital