February in Pictures: Erin's 365


2 months down! Yes! I've been at my 365 project now for 2 months. It's obvious, that I've taken on a theme, a very "close to my heart" theme. My son is the inspiration for this project. I want to capture as much of this first year of his life as I can! He'll change so much this year - heck, he already has, and astonishes me.

So, naturally many of my pictures revolve around him and will continue to do so. This month, Lucas hit the "half" year mark. I'm trying to capture what he's learning, the funny and sometimes frustrating moments, and the relationships he's building with the world and people in his life. I want to remember all of these little daily milestones that are forming him into the person he's becoming.

Also this month, Nigel the Gnome returned! After Lori left on her trip, I started to feel lonely - so Nigel kept me company during my days. I'm looking forward to seeing where he ends up during my 365 project.

Valentine's Day was a part of this month's images and as we all know, the deep freeze of a winter we're having continued to tortured us.  So that had to be included somehow too!

Enjoy my recap in photos!

~ Erin