Three Sisters : Powers Farm Market, Fairport NY

While this session fit our usual motif of photographing a family at a meaningful location, these sisters were a little taller than our usual subjects. I'd like you to meet Heather, Courtney and Ashley. They are three awesome sisters with a great bond, around the same age as Erin and I. Heather assured me they were fun people and we think she definitely held up her end of the bargain.  :) We hit up Powers Farm Market just before Halloween to grab some pumpkins, donuts and cider. The sisters, who now live in different states, had fond memories of coming here as kids. Erin and I had a great time working with them, helping them make some new memories!

The session was a Christmas surprise for mom and dad,  so I've been patiently waiting to share these for weeks now! Check 'em out, and learn more about these awesome ladies below.

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Meet the Sisters

Heather: Cleveland, OH | Physician | Loves running, yoga, cooking, wine drinking, medicine, and being with my friends and family.

Courtney: Fairport, NY | CPA/Accountant | Loves yoga, cooking, almonds (yup eats them all day), Wegmans, her dog Margaret, watching funny movies with my dad, wine drinking, and friends and family.

Ashley: Fairport, NY | Medical Liaison | Loves sleeping, her stuffed Monkey, driving anyplace, karaoke, cleaning her car excessively, and her friends and family.

Our favorite things to do together are mostly hanging out on the couch drinking wine and talking about our mom and dad and the hilarious stories and situations our family gets into. We love our grandparents (that passed away four years ago), and tell stories about them all the time. People used to call us the "original kardashians" way before they got annoying and over-exploited!

Why the location? We choose Powers as a 'no-brainer' because our mom took us every year when we were kids to snap photos and make memories. We still go there every year as adults! It's a place that reminds us why upstate NY is so unique and amazing, especially in the fall. Everything – from the smells and sights, right down to the tee-pee's, brings us immediately back to our childhood.

What makes a good portrait? A good portrait is definitely an action shot that captures peoples true reactions and characteristics. (I think we had a lot of those!) It's one that you can hang on the wall and every time you pass by you smile because it reminds you of how fun it was taking the shot or just makes you happy.

Anything else? We choose to take these pictures because it's been so long since we have taken nice quality, professional pictures together and we think you guys did an amazing, wonderful, beautiful job. We joke that if we ever do get engaged or have children that we are going to you again for more family pictures! (seriously!!) We did this as a gift for each other and also for our parents who give us endless love, support, (MONEY!), and encouragement and we would not be the people we are today without our family.