Lucas at 7 months old: rochester ny photographers


Most people have their infants photographed two, maybe three times in the first year of their lives. Not me. Thanks to my 365 project, and just generally being me, I have had more "sessions" with Lucas than I can count on both hands. The images I take of Lucas are beautiful to me, and I love taking them. However, I'm always the one behind the camera, and it was time to be a part of the action with my family. I cannot even begin to tell you how important it is to me to have photographs of not just Lucas - but Lucas with me and his daddy.

Enter, Lori. I'm so lucky to not only be able to work with her, but have her there to capture my family and our relationships as well. And because she knows me so well, she knew exactly what I was looking for with our last family session. She knew how I wanted to look, and how best to accomplish the task.

So here's my PSA for today:  Moms, be in the pictures. I don't care if you think you look fat, and I don't care if you think you have bags under your eyes.  These photographs are SO important. Find a photographer who makes you feel comfortable, and knows what you want photographed. Don't stand behind the camera. Your kids will thank you someday. Please, just do it for them.

End PSA. Now back to your regularly scheduled cuteness.

It's no secret that I have one of the cutest babies on the planet... biased much? Yes, yes I am. Here's a glimpse into our session! Thank you, Lori, for being awesome!